Gaining Weight and Getting Back on Track


Some people see me as a weight loss expert. That is just not true. I am not a professional weight loss coach or a certified personal trainer. I am just a regular guy, I have a 9 to 5 desk job a wife that I love and 2 beautiful children that inspire me to be a better person.

I have had some really great success in losing weight without going on crazy diets or taking any fat burners or diet pills. I have also had some exceptionally bad experiences and rapid weight gains.

Weight Gain Cycles

The weight gain and weight loss seems to come in cycles. I’ll keep losing for a few months and then nothing. I understand that those are plateaus and I need to change things up as my body is adapting to what I am doing.

Lately my weight has been on the rise. I have been doing whatever I can to get a grasp on the reasons behind it. I am keeping a time journal which is really helping me find out where my time is going on a daily basis and which areas are taking up the most of it.

It seems that my weight gains are always for different reasons. For example: I gained 25 pounds in 6 months when I first started my 9-5 desk job. I eventually lost that over the course of a year. The next gain came when my first child was born. 30 pounds in 9 months. That was lost in a year and a half.

So as you can see it’s not like I am dieting and then gaining weight once I return to a normal diet. (That is known as Yo-Yo dieting).

The frustrating part is that once I have the cause of the weight gain addressed or fixed or removed from my life something else pops up to take its place and bring me down (or up as it relates to weight gain). But that is the battle that so many of us face. That is part if the reason why obesity is as rampant as it is.

The Pounds Keep Coming

This latest gain is 16 pounds over 2 months. The reason is simple, there is a lack of balance in my life. I am being torn in so many different directions by trying to advance at work, grow my online presence and expand my different sites as well as increased family responsibilities.

Proper diet and regular exercise are usually the first to go by the wayside as I respond to the demands that others have placed on me.

Many of you know that I started P90X back in July and I was doing great, that program is incredible and really kicks your butt. But, this was the first to go as it took up a lot of time that was needed elsewhere (see family illness).

So How Do You Get Back on Track?

The great thing about going through life and getting older (I’m 31 now) is that you have all this experience to draw from. I can see the problem and know where it will take me if I don’t evolve and change things up. That is an invaluable skill only gained from life experience.

To regain the balance in your life you need to make some scarifies. For me my job is now a 9 to 5 and nothing more. No more going over and above my regular duties or allowing my boss to take advantage of my kindness, knowledge and willingness to help. TV will be the next thing to go or at least drastically reduced.

The next thing to do is to let people know. Let them know that you are taking back some time for yourself to improve yourself and that you are going to need their help. I tend to try and do everything myself.

Finally a re-commitment to your exercise plan and healthy eating. I am starting P90X again on Nov 3rd. But this time I am doing it with co-workers. That will act as a support group to compare results and motivate each other to stick with it.

Chat it up and let me know how you feel.


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  • Aah…I’m with you on this one. I think this is the first year where I’ve not regained a significant portion of my losses. I think the increasing running has helped me with that as my eating is going downhill somewhat lately. I need to recommit to proper eating.

  • Balance is indeed really important and is something I am struggling with now myself.

  • Steve, I’ve found the best thing for keeping yoru diet intact is to pre plan your meals on Sunday. Basically cook everything you can for the next week if possible.

    I like to premake chicken, salads and veggies and then put them into containers in the fridge labeled for each meal. Its much less stressful, and you wont stray form your diet.


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