Stop Counting Calories

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I have been a calorie counter off and on for a while and it has always lead me to short term success. By that I mean I keep track of everything I eat religiously, From Breakfast to Bed every calorie is recorded and logged in my spreadsheet. The success comes by way of 5 to 10 pounds in about a month to 6 weeks or so.

That might sound Ideal but it comes at a cost. Counting calories is such a tedious task that I soon begin to resesnt it and stop it all together. Those 5 to 10 pounds come back quickly and I usually find myself in the same place I was in before.

Be Calorie Conscious

For the past few weeks now I have stopped counting calories or at least stopped recording them anyway. The approach I am taking is to be more calorie conscious with the foods I eat rather than worrying about writing down everything I eat.

Being calorie conscious is really nothing more than being informed about how many calories are in a number of given foods and then making the healthier choice.

Calorie Counting vs. Calorie Consciousness

It might sound a little confusing as to what the difference is between the 2 methods, the best I can describe it is in the example below.

When I was counting calories I would eat what I wanted and record every bite. Most times I would weigh my portions to get the most accurate number of calories.

The key was eating whatever I wanted. Yes I did make some healthier choices but for the most part I was still eating full fat versions of my favorite foods. That might sound nice but those calories add up quickly and soon I had reached my calorie limit for the day. Sometimes by 4 in the afternoon.

To me that was calorie counting.

Now that I am calorie conscious I am eating better, more healthier foods that are naturally lower in calories. I still enjoy my favorite foods but in smaller qtys and portions, I do a lot of substituing of ingredients in recipes and I’m cutting out the extras (i.e sauces).

Being aware of what adds extra unneeded calories and finding ways to reduce or replace them I think is a much more effective long term approach to weight loss than strictly counting calories.

A Calorie Conscious Choice

While counting calories I would eat something like this:

A Quarter Pounder Sandwich from McDonald’s
Fat:20 grams

Now I would change that to a just a regular cheeseburger
Fat: 12 grams

Or even better, this recipe from the biggest loser cookbook called the Almost Fast Food Burger

Anyway, I have officially stopped counting calories for good. I am finding that is it much easier and I’m not as stressed about what I am eating. The pounds are coming off at about the same rate as before, but I am in a position now where I will be able to maintain the losses. That is will be the the real measure of success.


  • Or an even healthier choice might be to avoid McDonalds entirely! :)

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    Nicely written article mate steve. Infact this shows your experience with this.

    I hope you can explain how to burn the excess calories.

    Will be back to look at your suggestion.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I think this is a great point Steve. Very hard to sustain the discipline if logging everything you eat – but being more aware is sustainable for life.

  • Totally agree with that. I keep in mind what foods are high in calorie but I never weigh my food out or write them down. Writing what you eat may help you short term, but I can’t see writing down what I eat for the rest of my life and thats really what the end game is.

  • I have always hated counting calories, and each time I’ve known in the back of my head that it would never work because it would never last.

    -DonnaLynn in Hawaii

  • Interesting information,
    i dont like counting calories,
    i think its better useing that time burning them

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    Never been much of a calorie counter myself. It really comes down to changing the way you think or should I say lack of thinking by most people about what they eat.

  • Most people believe that calories are the “enemy”, since eating excess calories leads to excess fat, right? That’s why most people believe that the fastest way to lose weight is to cut way back on calories each day.

    After all, if a dieter is eating 2,500 calories per day and they decide to cut back to 1,500 calories per day – then obviously those extra 1,000 calories have to result in weight loss, right?

    Well, actually this is not exactly true.

    In fact, if you try to cut your calories too much (via starving yourself and skipping meals) then you’ll quickly reach a dieting “plateau” (a point where the scale refuses to drop any lower no matter how little your are eating).

  • I think calorie counting is o’kay, can be hard sometimes. Calorie conscious is a great idea too…

  • I also think calorie counting do good. It makes us aware of our calorie intakes. This is a good post!

  • I agree and disagree with the “difference” between calorie conciousness and calorie counting. In essence you are still doing the same thing, just not writing it down. It is better at first for someone just starting out to track what they are eating and take a look at it to see where they can start to make improvements. Most people have no idea how many calories they consume in a meal, day, or week. It’s important to track it for a bit to see where you can improve, and that’s usually starting with portion sizes. For example, a few scoops of pasta on the plate might seem like a great thing, but those few scoops may equal 2 cups of pasta… one portion of pasta is only a third of a cup, so you’re now eating 6 portions. It can be very deceiving. So yes, if you’re getting used to the idea of looking at portions and knowing where you’re going with your calories, then drop writing it down. For me it’s an accountability thing. If I have to write it down, then I don’t want to have to write down bad stuff I’ve eaten, lol.

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